Digital Innovator (Alpro Ghent - Marketing & Innovations)

Digital Innovator (Alpro Ghent - Marketing & Innovations)

Digital Innovator (Alpro Ghent - Marketing & Innovations)
Digital Innovator
Alpro Ghent - Global Marketing & Innovations team

--> Your Role

As Digital Innovator, you are part of a unique media & digital team of experts - the Digital Marketing team of Alpro - comparable to a digital agency in-house.

You are responsible for managing and developing new and existing media channels for the plant based brands.

In addition, you will act as divisional expert in media innovation and responsiveness and will collaborate closely with your divisional and local counterparts in order to ensure the effective implementation of the brand and the organization's channel strategy.

You report directly to the Head of Media & Digital and are the manager of 2 Digital Marketing Specialists, who oversee all website development projects cross brand and who support in the development and implementation of the always on digital media channel strategy.

--> Key responsibilities

- Strategy: Why, How, What? Channels: As a conceptual & strategic thinker, you draft the strategy of our media channels by defining our adjusted message towards the different target groups and define the different media channels. You do so in close cooperation with the Int. Marketing Communication Team and your manager. You act as a brand guardian internally and externally to ensure the strategic execution.

- Local Implementation/planning: You ensure the company’s responsiveness on media and competitive changes through investigating and mapping a strategy/roadmap, indicating next steps for key media channels (e.g. based on desk research, contacts and the analysis of competition, etc.)
Advice: Through giving advice and guidance on responsiveness in terms of marketing efforts and budgets to local and divisional stakeholders, you ensure an effective and up-to-date media strategy.

- People Management: Let people grow!
You lead and inspire by radiating positivity, motivate your team, train, coach and provide feedback to allow them to develop to their potential and create a stimulating work environment.

- Innovations: What’s new? What’s interesting?
You are on top of new media trends and assess whether a media/digital channel or technology is relevant for the brand. You asses the relevancy and ROI through test projects to further build on your and our knowledge. You act as the internal lead for the vision on new digital media tools.
Thanks to you, we ensure we reach our target consumer on the right channel, at the right moment, with the right message.

- Communication & Continuous improvement: Share that knowledge! Play books: Together with our media partners (e.g. Facebook, YouTube), you are the lead in developing and involving relevant playbooks which articulate strategic guidance toward your local counterparts. Some of these include: Facebook/ Instagram playbook, Influencer Playbook, Community Management Playbook.

- Taskforce: You take an active role in our international digital taskforce (DTF) and attend local and international media and digital marketing meetings, reviews, events as required.

- Learnings: You set up workflows for continuous improvement and propose key learnings for future projects in order to uphold a maximum and effective service delivery.
Communication: You inform senior management on new opportunities and evolutions. You inform & advise the local digital brand managers, media planners and buyers and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to maximize synergies & learnings.

- Community Management: You are the lead in building the community management strategy and guidelines working closely with the international social content manager. You guide the local markets in conversation management, community manager recruitment and SLA development, ways of working as well as give recommendations to the content team based on insights obtained from Alpro’s social listening tool.

- Escalation response team: in case of consumer issues on our social channels, you are part of the team that makes sure the issues are dealt with in a constructive way.

--> About you

Of course, it goes without saying that you are a digital native and being on top of the new social media & digital trends is your second nature.

- You have a master/bachelor degree, preferably related to digital media/marketing/communications and/ or have equivalent knowledge through experience.
- You have 3 to 5 years of experience in managing digital marketing or media relations on the advertiser and/ or client side.
- Equally important, next to experience, is the mind set to think strategically creatively & conceptually within Alpro’s digital communication strategy and positioning.
- You have experience as a people leader. You combine strong influencing skills with excellent people skills.
- Your communication and presentation skills are well elaborated
- You are a real networker, internal and external.
- You are fluent in English.

--> Interested?

We are looking forward to your online application! -->

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