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Digital Media Marketeer Vedett with brand skills

Digital Media Marketeer Vedett with brand skills

Duvel Moortgat
Digital Media Marketeer Vedett with brand skills
Vedett. The odd one out within the Duvel Moortgat extended family. Always full of surprises, the one who puts a smile on people’s faces, often at the most unexpected moments. Fun, cheeky at times, anti-conformist at others, a little bit crazy and with plenty of attitude but never the bad boy. More like the ideal son-in-law. Or not. And all this with quality at the forefront of everything we do, and more often than not at full speed ahead. Like a speedboot in an ocean full of cruise ships.

The Vedett Brand team (which, we admit, is currently just Bart but that’s about to change, right?) is in search of a digital Jack or Jill of all trades who’s ready to roll up the sleeves to make our (inter)national ambitions a reality. As the newest member of the team, you’ll also be part of Global Brand Marketing at our head office in Puurs.

Our taste profile:

Digital communication will be your primary focus. In fact, your first task will be to come up with a funkier job title for yourself. Social Penguin, perhaps?
You will ignite a passion for Vedett everywhere and in everyone. You have your finger on the pulse of the brand’s (future) fans and know what makes them tick. You move to the rhythm of tweets, likes, clicks and shares and you know what it takes to go viral.
You have both the head and the shoulders to transform creative ideas into powerful content, in the right format and in the right tone. You know the value of a hands-on approach, and you practice what you preach!
On top of that, you will of course be part of the wider Vedett team, working on all kinds of projects from A to Z, helping us get from A to B in any gear from 1 to 6 (or even higher!)
You’ll be the brand manager’s right hand when it comes to strategic planning for Vedett, which also means sinking your teeth into offline projects.
Your passion for beer will definitely come in handy, especially when we raise a glass to the amazing results you’ll help bring about.

Your ingredients:

You have a creative mind when it comes to copy and a sharp eye for the visual that goes with it.
You’ve got more than just a sense of humour, maybe even a whole barrel!
You live in the real world, with both feet on the ground, but you feel most at home online. You know the internet like the back of your hand and zip effortlessly between social networks and online communities.
You have a high language content (Dutch, French, English) to help season the menu together with our international colleagues.
Composing crystal-clear copy, writing a fun quote or coming up with that one-liner that says it all? You’ve got it down pat.
Most of all, you like taking your own photos and making your own videos and you know Photoshop and video editing software like a pro.
You will have noticed: there’s a fair dose of McGyver in your DNA.
A quick look at the stats in Google analytics to check whether your gut feeling corresponds with reality is one of your more endearing traits.
You like taking the initiative, under your own steam but without ever losing sight of the rest of the team.
And if you can top off this recipe with at least 3 years of experience, then you’re definitely in line for a loud and hearty, "Cheers!"