Junior Business Developer

Junior Business Developer

Too Good To Go
Junior Business Developer
30% of food produced is wasted. We are on a mission to change that.

Too Good To Go is a social impact company, and we reduce food waste by making surplus food from cafes, restaurants and supermarkets available to our users. You purchase food through an app, collect locally and enjoy knowing you are saving food, money - and the planet!

We’re growing fast with 15 countries currently active. But here’s what really matters: through our app, we’ve been saving one meal per second - currently, that means that more than 49 million meals have been saved from the bin - equalling more than 122,000 tons of CO2 saved!

Sounds like your kind of mission? Here is what it will entail:

As a Business Developer, you’ll identify potential partners and connect with the best food businesses (restaurants, cafes, bakeries and many more). Every week, you will either jump on your bike, on the bus or on the train to go and convince new potential partners to join the food waste movement, or work from our awesome office in Ghent (which is just a 10-minute walk from the Sint-Pieters station) and onboard new partners on the phone.

- You’ll represent and pitch Too Good To Go with clarity and passion, and show the food business owners you encounter how Too Good To Go is a win-win-win solution. - You will train the partners you’ve brought on board and make sure they become top ambassadors of the food waste movement!

Why you are the Food Waste Warrior we’re looking for:

- You’re fluent in French and/or Dutch and you are strong in English. The more languages you speak, the better! You speak Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian…? It’s a plus!
- You have experience or a strong interest in sales and/or business development
- You're a terrific talker (and a better listener)
- You jump on the opportunity to go knock on doors and pay a visit to potential new partners
- - You have zero fear of the phone and have the tenacity to keep trying when things get tough
- You’re eager to learn about new ways of doing sales and other soft skills
- You’re a team player! You like to take care of your team and get inspired and motivated by your team members
- You are passionate about fighting food waste and a sustainable lifestyle

If you still need more convincing…

- You will have the chance and opportunity to be a pioneer in a fast scaling international scale-up with a very real environmental and social impact.
- Next to cultivating an awesome team culture, we will invest in your personal and professional growth by giving you the chance to work with a diverse mix of talented people and participate in different coaching sessions and workshops.
We will inspire you to raise the bar and be the best version of yourself by giving you the right balance of freedom and structure, and make sure to bring in a good deal of fun. In order to have the most positive impact, we encourage our team to travel to the office by public transport: we’ll cover your train or bus fees. You like biking? We’ll also provide you with a subscription to shared bikes (Blue-Bike). Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to do something that really matters - every day. Every single partner you bring on board saves meals from going to waste.

We know what you’re thinking… “How can I send in my application?”

Apply in English with your CV and a motivation letter that tells us why we shouldn't want to live without you for a second longer!

Please note that we only accept applications coming through our platform. No CV or Cover Letter will be accepted by email or Linkedin direct messaging.

The deadline is “the sooner the better”