How AI helps you boost your ad conversion?

De wereld is het tijdperk van de AI ingegaan. In de reclame en marketing wordt AI essentieel. Een basiskennis is essentieel om te begrijpen hoe AI ingrijpt op het conversieniveau.

  1. 01:37

    What will you learn ?

  2. 11:56

    1. What is AI and how does it relate to marketing and advertising?

  3. 09:24

    2. What goes wrong if you don't use AI?

  4. 09:21

    3. How AI boosts conversion?

  5. 07:51

    4. How does an AI algorithm for boosting conversion works ?

  6. 15:03

    5. How to evaluate the effectiveness of AI for conversion ?

  7. 08:56

    6. Which and how much data does AI need ?

  8. 06:19

    7. How to make sure AI will have real impact on conversion ?

  • Koen-Verstrepen.png

    Koen VerstrepenArtificial Intelligence Expert - CEO Froomle

    Koen Verstrepen performed scientific research on recommendations systems as a Ph.D. and Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp, at the Department of Mathematics and Information Science.

    Since his Ph.D. he works on artificial intelligence and machine learning for boosting conversion with the best in the world. Working closely with scientists from Netflix and Apple, he learned that true personalization can be achieved with artificial intelligence.

    During his scientific research, he recognized the need to bring state-of-the-art technology from a few top tech players, like Netflix, Apple, and Spotify, to the rest of the world. He made it his mission to help companies create a better user experience, by recommending the right content to the right user at the right time.

    Therefore, Koen together with Bart Goethals, a Vice-Chair Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Antwerp, founded Froomle.

    Froomle is the leading provider of artificial intelligence for boosting sales. Based on its self-learning technology, Froomle enables companies to automatically offer the right content for every consumer, using the most suitable channel, in real-time.


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