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Online Master Class: 3 easy steps to effective tone-of-voice guidelines (nl)


  1. Sarah C.R. Claeys

    Sarah C.R. Claeys

    Storytelling Manager, Emakina.BE

    As a Storytelling Manager, Sarah helps the various international brands in the Emakina portfolio to manage… their brand’s storytelling! She does so by asking just 4 basic questions: who are you as a brand? Who are you talking to? What will you say? And how will you make sure you have the impact you want? These questions touch the 4 big aspects of any storytelling project: brand identity, user insights, content & editorial strategy, measurement & KPIs. Why she would be qualified to be asking these questions? Good question! She has a background in all things content (creative, copywriting, translation, scriptwriting, social media management, editorial management, content lead…) so she speaks from experience when she challenges a brand on its editorial set-up or tone of voice guidelines. However, before she became the storytelling manager she is today, she spent 2,5 years in Emakina’s Insights & Consulting team learning everything there is to know about users. Sarah learnt where to find the user data a company needs to have meaningful conversations with its audience. And because data reveals all, she also gained a thorough understanding of how it can reveal the flaws in a content plan. In short: about a decade of helping brands create impactful content has made her an expert on user-centric storytelling. Sharing that experience with an attentive crowd? She absolutely loves it!

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