Data Interpretation

Wat zijn de risico's en biases verbonden aan het gebruik van data als werkinstrument?

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  1. Robin Willems

    Robin Willems

    Data Scientist, SPF-FOD Economie

    As a Data Scientist, Robin helps organizations to think about their data strategy from the get-go. While the use of data is nowadays a no-brainer for most organization, it does not mean that it is either easy or simple. Robin loves to make sense of large amount of undigestible data or think about the potential sources of error in an existing structure. The magic of data science is that it is blind: it does not matter in what industry you work, you will have soon-or-later to face it from it’s raw form to it’s more informative form. Hence, we strongly believe that it is best for managers, as well for those who work the closest with data, to understand what exactly is happening when we use data. Robin’s focus is not only from a statistical point of view, but also from a deeply subjective point of view: humans. Because humans are at the core of any activities that we do and love to do, this is also part of our DNA to understand humans.

    Robin finds himself at the carrefour of Marketing, Statistics, Philosophy and Psychology.

  • 2022
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