LinkedIn badge - information

If you participated in a Digital Bootcamp or Brand Building College, you can choose to receive a Linkedin Badge for these courses. You can add this badge to your LinkedIn profile, allowing others to see that you have successfully completed this training.

How do you add this badge to your Linkedin Profile?
Please follow the steps below. If you have added certificates to your account before, you can go straight to step 2. If you haven't done this before, start at step 1.

Step 1: Add "Licences & Certificates"

To add the profile section "Licences and Certificates" to your LinkedIn profile, go to your profile and click on "Add profile section"

Linkedin 1

In the pop-up, click on recommended and choose "Add Licences & Certification".

Linkedin 2

Step 2: Add certificate

Add your badge with the information below.

Name: Fill in the name of the course you participated in (Brand Building College or Digital Bootcamp).
Issuing organization: UBA Belgium
Issue date: Fill in your last training day which can be found on your personal badge.
Expiration date: Leave this field empty.
Credential ID: Leave this field empty.

Linkedin 3

Credential URL: Copy and paste the link provided provided with your LinkedIn Badge underneath "Share badge URL".

LinkedIn 4